Style Icon: Richard Dreyfuss, Jaws

The name Richard Dreyfuss is not normally brought up when discussing style icons, no doubt due to the actor starring in such film as Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Not the sort of film that pays much attention to fashion. Yet Dreyfuss’ portrayal of Oceanographer Hooper, in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is an example that the guy can dress. Everyone knows the story of Jaws. Set in quiet, seaside town Amity during the summer of 75′. After a late night swim resulting in one of the most famous openers to a film ever, the town is grief stricken by the savage death of a teen girl who was attacked and killed by a shark. Soon the town is in a state of panic with Roy Schedier’s Police Chief Martin Brody demanding the mayor to shut down the beach with little success. Soon it becomes Brody’s task to set out, along with Hooper and crazed fisherman Quint, to find and kill the beast.

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Quint and Brody are equipped with the best lines, one of the most famous being “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” But Hooper spends most of the film with the best outfits. He might spend all of his times with a large, what most people nowadays would deem as cool, pair of spectacles glued to his face, he does have his own signature look. Not surprising for someone with a career as an oceanographer, Hooper’s wardrobe has a strong nautical style to it. Hooper spends the film wrapped up in a weathered old denim jacket, his head covered by a rolled up beanie and carrying a navy duffle bag on his shoulder. Already his outfit is sounding like something Topman would duplicate and I haven’t even mentioned his beard. Hooper pulls off a stylish weather worn, nautical look with ease. So next time someone asks you about style icons remember to mention Richard Dreyfuss.

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