Kim Kardashin Before And After

Kim Kardashin 

 Kimberly Kim Kardashin West is well known for her strong appearance and curvy built. She has a sexy-bod by figure and is an actress, television personality, actress, businesswoman and model by professional. Even when she tried her luck at a number of places but her well known stint remains the one of being a p host. Her journey in this glamorous world kickstarted because of her friendship with Paris Hilton and consolidated when her Sex tape leaked.

The Kardashins, became one of the staple shows for many television lovers and bought the entire kardashin family under the camera. This show acted as a door for more opportunities for the entire family unit.”Keeping up the kardashins“, first married Kris Humphries but gave up within 72 days. She is now decently married to rapper Kanye West with two kids . A lot of people fails to call her talented as their entire focus gets exhausted while calling her sensual and hot. Here are some Images Of Kim Kardashian Before And After

Kim Kardashian Before And After

Possible surgeries

As soon as she faced the camera and became a household name she had to keep countering the obligations thrown at her that she underwentplastic surgeries.Her famous body is subject to various rumours and the way she is supercool at flaunting only adds to these speculations.

1. Butt Injections

Her butt was always under the scanner for both good and bad reasons. Her belfie speaks it all.If you are a keen follower of Kim, you might have seen her admitting that she took injections to increase the size of her butt.During a live stream with her fans, she was seen as saying, “I went to go get a cortisone shot in my butt. I lived right by [Los Angeles boutique] Kitson. One of my neighbours was a dermatologist at [Cedars-Sinai Hospital].” She was also spotted at Epione in Beverly Hills.”I go in there and he’s like, ‘There’s another one in a billion chance that you will get a huge indent in your butt.’ Of course I get a huge indent on my butt.”, she added. People who might have been following her since 2008 can easily point out that she didn’t have such great derriere.


 2. Brazilian Butt Lift

Besides the injections, Dr Tijion Esho, owner of Le Beau Ideal clinic in Harley Street, told The Metro,”I suspect she has had a Brazilian butt lift where fat is taken from areas such as the abdomen and then thigh and then transferred to the bum. This would give a large bottom to waist ratio and would not show up on a X-ray as it’s normal fat.” Her revelations related to the indent on butt are not as pure as they ought to be. 

3. Nose

Apart from her bust, her nose was the next big thing that held the audience in attention. From 2010, she has been seen taking  consultation about rhiniplasty, however Kim made it a point to add that she is really scared to go through the process. Kim have always maintained “half the truth profile”.    She very well explained her dilemma to ABC “My nose in my biggest insecurity,The doctor showed me what it would look like. And it just didn’t – I wouldn’t look the same.” when it comes to nose job Lauren Graham After Plastic Surgery Images are the Best example. 

Eva Mendes Diet Plan

Eva Mendes 

Eva de later Carodad Mendes famously known as Eva Mendes, was born on 5 March, 1974. She is an actress, buisness woman and model. In 1990, she started her career in acting and after some B movies, she worked in Training Day in 2001. Apart from some films, she has appeared in music videos and has sung with CeeLo Green. She has been a part of Magnum Ice Cream, Cocio, Revlon, Cartier, Thierry, Reebok and Pantene Shampoo. She commenced her career after she was rescued by a talent manager in a photo of her freind’s portfolio. Her first film was Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror. Her performance wasn’t upto the mark, she then hired a acting coach. She had costarred in some films including Ghost Rider, All about the Benjamin’s, 2Fast 2 Furious, Struck on you and The Other Guys.


She was nominated for the “Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress” for her performance in comedy film The Women. Eva visited Sierra Leone and got featured in documentary Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. Eva has a line of dinnerware and bed sheets, which is being sold at Macy’s. She recorded a version in 2011, “The Windmills of Your Mind”. She is a  director at CIRCA beauty, and her products got launched on Walgreen.

In, she was voted one in 2009 edition and number four in 2008 edition in the list of Top 99 most desirable women. In 2007 edition of Maxim, she was among top 10 in its Hot 100 Issue. Magazine People named her amongst the “Most Beautiful at Every Age”.She has been nominated for several prominent awards including ALMA Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Image Foundation Awards and Premios Juventud.  And she has recieved Capree Global Award and Giffoni Award. Her Diet Plan has been sourced from You can find her entire diet plan there. 

In 2011, she dated her co star Ryan Gosling in film The Place Beyond the Pines. Theatre are blessed with 2 daughters, Esmeralda Amanda and Amanda Lee. Mendez follows a 5 factor diet plan. Her meal plans include 5 ingredients and makes her food from that only. With this diet plan, she has a cheat day in which she can eat anything. With his diet, she is advised to keep in touch with number 5, and the equipments aren’t required. She has been following this diet for three consecutive years for now.She practices “Transcendental Meditation”. She is a vegetarian and here is a look at her diet plan. You will be Shockes to see the similarities between Eva and Jennifer Lawrence Secret Diet Schedule 



  • She starts her day from fruits, sunflower seeds and yogurt.


  • She has brown rice sushi.


  • She prefers to take light food which includes salad ( feta and beets)


  • In mid she tries to take protien smoothies.

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012: Home for the Weekend

Coming off the back of an acclaimed showcase at the Berlin Film Festival Home for the Weekend, directed by iconoclastic German filmmaker Hans Christian Schmid (Requiem) arrives in Edinburgh with high expectations. And it doesn’t disappoint. Sticking to similar themes explored in his previous works Schmid has a crafted an elegant and stylish film that taps into the physiological mind set of an upper middle class suburban family. When Berlin based writer Marko (Lars Eidinger) returns home with his 10 year old son Zowie (Egon Merten) to see his parents and his older dentist brother (Sebastain Zimmler) things take a turn for the worse when matriarch Gitte (Corinna Harfouch) who’s been battling depression for decades announces plans to come off her medication. What follows is an exquisitely played out meditation on grief and regret.

download (71)

Home for the Weekend is first and foremost an intimate character study. Each member of the family is gifted with plenty of space to breathe and develop allowing the actor’s a wonderful opportunity to craft fully rounded portrayals. There’s definitely an air of Bergman about Schmid’s film, the ways in which the mental states of the characters are ruthlessly examined until each reach their own breaking point and explode. The tasteful exterior of affluent European life is smashed to pieces here. As the cracks start to break through the surface and long kept secrets begin to make themselves known the film takes on elements of a thriller as Gitte wakes up one morning, sets the table and runs off into the woods. Home for the Weekend is the kind of beautiful, understated drama that Michael Haneke could make if he only stopped trying to torture his audience into submission.

Schmid and DP Bogumil Godfrejow create a simple but effective visual style, favouring long edits where the full grasp of the screenplay’s complexities can be appreciated. Natural lighting gently envelops the action in the soft tints of the summer sun as the emotionally distant family wander through the gorgeous glass house like lonely spirits unable to move on to the next world. There’s a sumptuous minimalist sheen to the films’ exterior, it’s in the house itself, the costumes worn by the characters and the framing of the camera where the actors are treated like figures in classical portraiture. The palette is primarily neutral tones, plenty of whites and grey adding to this ominous mood that is desperately kept at bay.

The performance by the cast is one of the strongest parts of the film. Eidinger is superb as the naïve Marko, meekly trying to hold together a broken marriage and a fragile relationship with his older brother. Eidinger and Zimmler have great chemistry together and the difficult rapport between the two is expertly played out: two very different siblings, who not surprisingly butt heads on how best to cope with their mother. Gitte is the beating heart of the film and the great German actress Corinna Harfouch reflects this with a masterful turn full of grace, hinting but never fully showing the dark past her character has endured.


Style Icon: Cher Horowitz, Clueless

This year Amy Heckerling’s cult rom com Clueless, like, totally turns eighteen. Last Friday Tee’s and Cee’s screened the movie as part of their We Love the 90s Film Fest: four nights of classic 90s flicks at Portobello Pop Up outdoor cinema. When better then to look back at the on-screen style of the main character in Clueless, Cher Horowitz.

download (66)

Set in California in the early 90s, the film re-imagines Jane Austen’s Emma. The microcosm of upper class Regency England is replaced by that of a Beverley Hills high school. Here, fashion choices are less about muslin frocks and dashing breeches, more about Calvin Klein minis and backwards caps. But while the situation might be different, Heckerling’s adaptation is pretty faithful to Austen’s story. Fifteen-year-old Cher is just as we would imagine Austen’s eponymous heroine fast-forward 180 years: beautiful, smart, really quite lovable, but also superficial and a touch selfish.

In a world where even the most admired Bettie (hot girl) can derail her social status by hanging out with an inappropriate Barney (unattractive guy), Cher understands the importance of appearance in the popularity stakes. To say she likes clothes is an understatement. The mall is her Mecca and shopping her therapy. When it comes to decisions on what to wear, Cher has it down to a finely-tuned science. In one famous scene, she picks out her outfit for school using a computer which analyses her wardrobe. To the soundtrack of David Bowie’s Fashion, a virtual Cher wearing a yellow tartan skirt suit flashes on the screen, indicating a match made in fashion heaven.

download (67)

Like any coming-of-age high school movie worth its salt, Clueless follows the highs and lows of the teenage cast along the way towards personal growth. Scenes linked to clothing and appearance define Cher’s journey to becoming more grounded and self-aware. The arrival of Tai, a skater girl with a predilection for alien cartoons and herbal highs, initially seems to represent the perfect opportunity for Cher to use her love of fashion for the greater good. But Cher’s makeover project goes seriously awry, nearly ruining the mutual attraction between Tai and a fellow pot-head and talented skateboarder, as well as her own love life.

As she starts to realise she’s been as clueless as she originally supposed her protégée to be, Cher takes on a new look that reveals her growing clarity about life and love. Her usual glamorous wardrobe is ditched for more paired-back ensembles, reflecting her aspiration to make-over her soul. Lonely and overwhelmed by self-doubt, Cher is the picture of vulnerability as she cuddles up to her father wearing pink flannel pyjamas. When she takes a leading role on the school’s disaster aid team as the first step towards a more worthwhile life, she even wears jeans while gathering emergency provisions. Yes, jeans.

download (68)

Before we experience niggles of shame at mourning the loss of the not-so-nice-but-better-dressed Cher, Heckerling offers up a get-out by showing that Cher is still as fashion-conscious as ever. The final scene sees Cher in full-on babe mode as bridesmaid at the wedding of two sweet but nerdy teachers from her school, her one successful match-making attempt. Working tumbling curls and cappuccino satin, Cher is a vision of fresh-faced beauty that would make even the most benevolent of brides spit feathers.


Style Icon: Helen Mirren, The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.

Directed by Peter Greenaway and with a truly excellent British cast (Michael Gambon, Tim Roth, Helen Mirren), The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover was released in 1990 to great acclaim and controversy. Helen Mirren plays the glamorous, but neglected Georgina Spica who is married to a notorious and vulgar restaurant owner (Albert Spica – Michael Gambon). The story is intense with Georgina having an affair with a customer of the restaurant ( Michael – played by Alan Howard) right under the nose of her violent and short tempered husband. This passionate intensity is also expressed through the glamorous and almost regal costume design presented in the movie.

download (70)

Greenaway was inspired by Baroque painting and had a grand artistic vision with The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. To realise the vision he had to rely on the beauty and style of Mirren and also the artistic eye of the fashion designer Jean Paul Gautier. The talented cast, auteur director and fantastic costume designs ensures The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover is an interesting movie to investigate, but it is the beauty and style of Mirren that makes the movie so intriguing and the character of Georgina so iconic. Mirren’s role is to look glamorous and she does this through the extravagant costumes that present feathered head wear, luxurious dresses and dark and proactive lingerie.

She is the antagonist to her husband and she expresses this through style and grace and showing her freedom through her clothing. This is despite her domineering husband desperately trying to control her. Georgina wants to be break away from Albert and this is the catalyst of her affair. However her unabashed and bold style makes Georgina desirable and in control of the situation regardless of what her husband may think.

Style Icon: Richard Dreyfuss, Jaws

The name Richard Dreyfuss is not normally brought up when discussing style icons, no doubt due to the actor starring in such film as Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Not the sort of film that pays much attention to fashion. Yet Dreyfuss’ portrayal of Oceanographer Hooper, in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is an example that the guy can dress. Everyone knows the story of Jaws. Set in quiet, seaside town Amity during the summer of 75′. After a late night swim resulting in one of the most famous openers to a film ever, the town is grief stricken by the savage death of a teen girl who was attacked and killed by a shark. Soon the town is in a state of panic with Roy Schedier’s Police Chief Martin Brody demanding the mayor to shut down the beach with little success. Soon it becomes Brody’s task to set out, along with Hooper and crazed fisherman Quint, to find and kill the beast.

download (69)

Quint and Brody are equipped with the best lines, one of the most famous being “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” But Hooper spends most of the film with the best outfits. He might spend all of his times with a large, what most people nowadays would deem as cool, pair of spectacles glued to his face, he does have his own signature look. Not surprising for someone with a career as an oceanographer, Hooper’s wardrobe has a strong nautical style to it. Hooper spends the film wrapped up in a weathered old denim jacket, his head covered by a rolled up beanie and carrying a navy duffle bag on his shoulder. Already his outfit is sounding like something Topman would duplicate and I haven’t even mentioned his beard. Hooper pulls off a stylish weather worn, nautical look with ease. So next time someone asks you about style icons remember to mention Richard Dreyfuss.

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012: Here, There

In remote China, high up in the mountains it’s the end of autumn and the endless stretch of forest is tinted brown and orange. Waves of cool mist descend from high above the mountain peaks down into the icy rivers, leaving a streak of silver on the landscape. Lu Sheng’s visually arresting feature debut Here, There gets its European Premiere here at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Screening as part of the New Perspectives programme Here, There interweaves three stories that address concerns in contemporary China, in particular the problems and anxieties facing young people in a country that’s in constant fluctuation. In Shanghai a trainee waiter gets tangled up in the mysterious activities of a female customer whilst in Paris a Chinese student studying abroad is mugged and finds help from an unlikely source. Up in the mountain a reindeer herder walks the lonely forest paths anticipating a visit from his wife and young son.


It’s not surprising Here, There is so visually moving as Sheng studied cinematography in Paris and has been working alongside premier Chinese filmmakers like JIA Zhangke and WANG Bing for the last decade. Coming from a photographic background can be a problem for first time directors as they languish too much attention on the camera and not enough on the story and characters. But Sheng doesn’t have that problem here. Some of the compositions are simply stunning though: a petit woodland bird framed dead in the centre, the fall foliage creating a hazy mosaic in the background, an old soldier wandering through a lonely war memorial, the white graves sticking out of the earth like polished slabs of bone.

But Here, There is more than a visual poem it’s a damming but subtle critique of modern China. No more is this evident than in the story thread set in Shanghai, where an enigmatic young woman gets swallowed up by the big city. With no close family, little money and terrible living conditions and the great irony that she works for an insurance firm but cannot afford any herself, her story is a tragic one and is all too universal. How many us in our twenties have questioned our place in the world? In constant doubt where we’re going? Ultimately this is a film about lost souls, struggling to find their feet in a modern world that can be merciless. The old ways are dying out as we see in the rural story arc and the filmmakers lament for this loss. The reindeer herder is one of few left up in the mountain, his wife urges him to return to the towns and take up work there. His life is simple and hard but also beautiful. Scenes between him and his son carrying out the day to day duties, including cutting and carrying blocks are ice are a joy to watch, Sheng employing documentary style realism to capture these moments.Here, There is a striking film and an important one. If we gave up a couple of hours from our busy lives to this movie we would find a lot of deep truths.